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I am a Software Craftsman and currently, I work in UK company as Database Developer; I have worked in international projects with intercultural teams, these projects have represented huge changes in the strategies of growing and finding new market opportunities.

I consider myself like a passionate by technology and his impact in our lives. I believe in the Agil Manifesto: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

I have worked in Microsoft Technologies since 2006, I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer, in these technologies always try to contribute with the IT community through MSDN Forums and conferences in Spain and Latin America.

I hope to help you with this little effort, in this blog you can find articles in English and Spanish (mother tongue), any mistakes or advice could you write me my personal email: me[at]geohernandez.net.

I would try to keep updated my Blog with new “adventures” in this marvelous world of the Software Development.¬† Enjoy !!!!!

I almost forget you can find me regularly in the Microsoft MSDN Forums, this is my profile:

MS_Cert_Professional_logo_Blk_rgbAward Received


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